February 10, 2009

ABWÄRTS - Amok Koma

Their amazing first album on ZickZack. Tight, driving melodic punk/wave. Wire-esque, but so much more... proto-industrial in ways as well.


Anonymous said...

Yes, amazing! Absolutes Meisterwerk! Yes, their influences are very clear, Wire yeah (specially the 2nd track), early XTC (the version of 'Friday on my mind' has lots of 'Crosswires'), probably The Feelies and of course Neu!, etc. I'm amazed also that this band managed to show such strong new wave influences without losing the punk following (the 'Nein nein nein' crowd à la Buttocks); I've seen a couple of early live videos where hordes of pogoing punks can be seen. Great! "Computerstaat" is their best song but as a whole I prefer this LP rather than the first EP.
Fernando :)

Anonymous said...

Yes. Thank you for having the best blog.

Bunk said...

Thanks for the kind comment, Anonymous!

And Fernando, I agree with you totally. "Computerstaat" is also my favorite song of theirs (one of my favorite songs, period!) and I defy anyone to sit still once the opening drum roll culminates into the 4-beat crash that gets the song itself going.