February 10, 2009

HANS-A-PLAST - Hans-A-Plast (II)

Their self-titled 2nd album. Deutschpunk with female vocals.


Anonymous said...

I like this LP better than the first one, it has more experimentation and a bunch of great tracks and fantastic singing (don't remember the name of the singer & sax player now). Here and there I've read about the stereotypical feminist lyrics but I don't care since my German ain't so good (I only understand it when reading the lyric sheets, btw this album had funny cartoons and collages and No Fun infos).
Any chance to have the "Sex sex sex / Lemminge Punks" single and the "Ausradiert" LP posted? I would be reaaally thankful for that... I tried to find the Indigo/Fündundvierzig reissue but couldnt get it...
Fernando :)

Bunk said...

I will post both the "Sex Sex Sex" single and the "Ausradiert" LP in the very near future. Stay tuned. Thanks for your comments!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait! Thanks! Of course I stay tuned, since I got here thru a link in Brotbeutel blog I added HNW to favourites!
Fernando :)